Displaying your family tree

Now that you have done all the research what are you going to do with the results? Displaying your family tree can be an important capstone to a job well done and also serves as an educational tool for the generations who come after you.  Framed family trees can easily become heirlooms, and just think how much easier your job would have been if great-great-Aunt Mabel had framed the current family tree!

Professional services

There are a number of professional genealogists who will hand craft your family tree and then have it framed and presented to you, what better gift to surprise the family historian with!

Adding photos to family trees

Depending on how far back you have researched you might want to consider making your family tree a photographic one.  Including the photos of individuals brings your tree to life and makes it so much more relatable than just a list of names.  With all the family photos gathered together in one place, you may notice similarities across the generations such as nose shape, cows licks or even a particular smile which makes repeated appearances across the bloodline.  You may wish to use small thumbnail images besides family names and keep a traditional family tree format or make the photos the main focus with large prints connected by a tree decal.

Family history shadow boxes

Researching your family history can turn up all sorts of interesting artefacts and documents and while a family tree is most peoples end goal when doing the research you may find yourself wanting to display some of the items you have discovered. Most family trees do not have the capacity to display additional items, this is where a family history shadow box can be a delightful option.  Shadow boxes are easy to come by in craft shops or online and come in a variety of sizes.  Include photos of ancestors and display them alongside the elements of their life you have collected.  A baby shoe, a scrap of material from a wedding dress or the original birth certificate will bring your research to life. With good research and ample wall space,  you may be able to create a history shadow box for each generation or branch of the family.

Other uses 

This is a little off topic, but the family tree format has other uses too!  Instead of having a traditional guest book for wedding guests why not consider an outline of a tree with cutouts of leafs.  Guests can write their wishes for the next couple on the leaf and then attach it to the tree. Another great option is to have guest make leaves with their thumbprints, just be sure to provide a way to clean the ink off their hands!

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