Joining a genealogical club

Researching family genealogy is one of the most popular pastimes in the  UK. Whether you are new to the genealogical game or are a seasoned researcher why not consider joining a genealogical society or family history society?

While the casual researcher may enjoy membership to a group for the social opportunities of meeting other people with similar interests there are huge benefits to those who want to learn more about researching and develop their skills and resources.

The Society of Genealogists and the Scottish Genealogy Society offer their members unlimited access to their libraries and records, which is an invaluable resource to have access to. Field trips to other research facilities are commonly offered as well.

The Scottish Genealogy Society publishes a quarterly journal that members are able to submit family history questions to.  The Journal is sent out to all members allowing you to benefit from the knowledge of the entire membership base.

Another great reason to join a group is for the educational opportunities that they provide.  Most groups run a regular series of talks and lectures from experts in various different genealogical fields.  These guest speakers are often invaluable to the continuation of your research as it can open up new avenues of inquiry or give you clarification on a topic you have been struggling with.

The 2017-18 schedule of lectures and classes from the Scottish Genealogy Society, for example, includes multiple opportunities for those new to researching their family history to understand the basic od it with a Beginners class. In addition to the Beginners classes, there are lectures on topic such as deciphering old Scottish handwriting, navigating through Irish records and how to use health and medical records in your research.

Find the group for you

Find a local Family history group near you by visiting the Federation of Family History Societies here. Alternatively, join a national society. Find out more about membership to the Society of Genealogists here and the Scottish Genealogy Society here.

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